ACL Schedule Clashes

It’s that time of year…Austin City Limits Festival it’s tomorrow.  Hopefully it won’t rain again. We wanted to give you a few suggestions for what musicians to make a point to see.  Considering there are a ton of musicians butting heads each day, here are a few of our tid bits and picks that may help you decide which one to see when schedules clash.

Day 1

Miike Snow vs Girls

Miike Snow. These guys perform with crazy masks and cast laser beams in sync with their super dancey tracks.  If you wanna rock out and have a late afternoon dance party then definitely check these dudes out.  They will also be performing at an Official ACL Afterparty at The Belmont Friday night, for more info check the Facebook event page.


The Sword vs Beach House

Don’t get me wrong, The Sword are an insanely awesome rock band, but if you’ve never seen Beach House you should check them out.  They may have blown up really fast during SXSW, but this chick’s voice is really mesmerizing and it will serve as a nice chill out period during the festival.  I mean, check out their performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, so good.


The Strokes vs Phish

Two words. Julian Casablancas. The Strokes are definitely a band you must see during your lifetime, even if they did piss a ton of people off charging $60 at Stubb’s for their official pre-show.  Save your money and snatch a spot on the fest grounds.  If you like to jam out like BC does, sway on over to Phish, as they are known to bring some pretty cool people on stage with them. (Bruce took the stage with them at Bonnaroo ’08). They’re pre-show is SOLD OUT but here’s the info if you are going to try and crash it Festival Crashers style.


Other must sees: The Kicks, The Black Keys, Spoon

Day 2

Mayer Hawthorne vs Black Lips

We have a thing for this neo-soul biznazz, so we definitely think you should check out Mayer Hawthorne, especially to catch our fav song ‘You’re Easy Lovin’ Ain’t Pleasin’ Nothin’. He is soulful and playful, and will definitely get you dancing and swaying.  THEN hop on over to Black Lips because they are bad ass too.

Gogol Bordello vs LCD Soundsystem

Why’d they do this?! You HAVE to see both. Split your time. Gogol Bordello puts on a wild, gypsy-lovin’, sweaty performance that will make you hold your beer high in the air and wrap your sunscreen covered arms around your buddies and sway side to side. LCD Soundsystem won’t cut you a break either, and will make you toss your backpacks in a pile so you can dance your ass off.  We spoke with some friends, and we predict that LCD crew will be hoppin’ over to an afterparty that night…so keep your eyes and ears peeled.

M.I.A. vs Muse

This is another hard one. Muse blew ACL showgoers away in ’07 with their wild light show after filling in for White Stripes, so if you haven’t seen them…head over that way. HOWEVER they did just play during SXSW, so if you wanna get your lady rapper fill, check out miss M.I.A. and bust out your guns (like, motion with your fingers, ACL won’t let you bring real ones in silly).

Other must sees: Lissie, Lucero, Dan Black, Matt & Kim, Deadmau5

Day 3

Ted Leo vs White Rabbits

Duh, we are huge Ted Leo fans, and you should be too.  He’s extremely charming and talks a lot during his set, but evens it out with their amazing set.  He’s not doing press interviews and what not, which strikes us as being odd since he is a chatterbox.

We’ve seen them multiple times, and are definitely checking out the aftershow at Red 7 on Saturday.


Yeasayer vs Robert Earl Keen

The last time Yeasayer came to town was their back to back shows in Austin that sold out quick.  They are known for their powerful live sets and sounding amazing and true to their albums.  REK plays like, every year, and at like every country livestock show.  He’s cool, but go see Yeasayer no doubt. Their high quality singles and solid performance will surely put a smile on your face.


The Flaming Lips vs Band of Horses

Two totally different bands…geez…um….you need to see The Flaming Lips front man, Wayne Coyne, float around in a giant transparent ball. Yeah. These phsychedelic rockers know how to party and put on a trippy light show.  If you have no idea what we’re talking about, you need to check out a preview of their live set.

If you are not feeling a space rock experience, mosey over to Band of Horses for more of a laid back show.  Despite their recent album Infinite Arms that was slightly dull, their past two albums are worth hearing live.

Other must sees: Warpaint, Foals, The Constellations, The National

Fun Fun Fun Fest Photos: Day 1

We had a blast at Fun Fun Fun Fest and saw so many amazing musicians over the course of the weekend.  Despite the rain and mud that seem to take over American festivals, it was a great experience.  We wanted to share some photos that Merch took on Friday and Saturday.  We will be posting reviews, interviews, video and more photos from the festival over the next few days.

BC and Merch with Zack Teibloom of Festival Crashers at the Cherry Peel Pre-FFF Fest event.


The Hood Internet

Zlam Dunk



Under Pressure Screen Shop were slingin’ the official FFF Fest shirts.IMG_9644



James Husband


MC ChrisIMG_9714

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