Austin Sound & Cinema: “Labyrinth” w/ Super Creeps


Have we discovered the best possibly way possible to watch Labyrinth? We think so. Outdoors, picnic style, view of the city, food trucks, drink, and live frickin’ music from Super Creeps. We’re super stoked to head over to Austin Sound & Cinema this Wednesday June 5th, and have already booked the rest of the movie dates in our cal (that’s short for calendar. What was the point of shortening that?).

Make sure you twerk your commute via car2go, bike or carpool, because as we all know, downtown Austin gets crowded as shizz when there’s free events. We’re ok with that. Question: how many people can you fit in a car2go? Two. We’re not admitting to shoving more than two into one of those awesome clown cars…at least not in the past four days. Wait, three days. Nevermind. The point is, they will have a free car2go drop off zone at the park so you can fill up as many cars as you can. That’s amazies.

You can get all the deets & remind yourself on Facebook here and RSVP here for a chance to win an Alamo Drafthouse gift card from DO512!

See ya there little ponies!

Robot Dance Party! 5/29/10

Tonight is the Guinness Book World Record attempt for largest robot dance party! The record is 429 people, so be there a little before 8 pm when recording starts!  They are encouraging robot costumes or robot related attire.

Make sure to RSVP on Do512 for $5 Entry. Here’s the schedule:

1am Zeale
1215am Built By Snow
1115pm The Seas -EP Single Release
945pm Red Falcon
900pm Wave Hands Like Clouds
8pm DJ Czech + BACONATOR – Debut on the turn tables!!!!!!!!!!!!

Free Bacardi Mojitos from 8pm – 10pm and Free Deep Eddy Sweat Tea Vodka 10pm – on!

Zeale tears it up with BC & Merch!

As you all know, we had our last show on KTSW last night, and it was BALLER to the 10th degree!

We had Austin-rapper Zeale come in and play a few tracks off of his new EP, Robot Radio, and let us tell you, it sounds great. Two of the songs feature Yadira Brown, singer for Austin dance-band L.A.X.

Then, Zeale decided he hadn’t quite blown everyone’s minds, so he busted a sick freestyle LIVE on the air! Here it is, in case you missed out:

We also had our homies Jill and Aaron from Knuckle Rumbler come hang out and talk about Robot Parade, the Zeale EP release party, on Friday night at Beauty Bar in Austin (they helped put the event together). L.A.X. and Gobi will also be performing, and Neiliyo is hosting! It’s only $5 if you RSVP, and it’s not an event to miss!

Presented by Knuckle Rumbler and Do512

You can also download Zeale’s new single, Digital Swagger, for FREE on his site:

BC and Merch’s Last Show On-Air!

BC and Merch are signing off? WTF?!  Tonight is BC and Merch’s last show on-air at KTSW.

We caught wind of a secret performance by Zeale that is goin’ on tonight at DO512‘s Speakeasy Superstar Kick Off. He goes on at 9pm sharp, so check out more info here.  After Zeale performs at Speakeasy, he is heading over to do an in-studio performance with us!  Make sure to tune in by clicking “Listen Live” at, 10 to midnight. We will also have our friends at Knuckle Rumbler hangin’ out!

Jigga What?!

Got plans Saturday? Ah-duh.  Jigga Stardust – Jay Z  vs. David Bowie with Prince Klassen and DJ Orion is Saturday April 17 at The Red Scoot Inn.  Knuckle Rumbler and The Glitoris is presenting this baller dance event that you must attend.

Pitting the king of NYC and the glitter glam rocker against each other in a cosmic night of dance, delight and debauchery, this night will be forever written in the stars. DJ Orion and Prince Klassen are driving the Maybach Shuttle from Marcy to Madison Square and down to Austin. Ready to destroy any plastic pop they come in contact with, the set lists will include originals, remixes, mash ups and more based on the music of these two influential acts.

Make sure you know the following:

• Free Entry with visible leotard

• $3 Entry with NY Yankee ball cap.

• Annie Ray ‘Glitter and Gangster’ photo booth

Also, it’s a $3 with RSVP on, $5 Without
(email addresses received from RSVP’ing will also be sent to Knuckle Rumbler).

BC & Merch MC for Quiet Company @ The Parish!

In order to further our goal of world domination, we were asked to MC the Quiet Company video release show for “On Modern Men” at The Parish in Austin on Friday. It was quite a blast and we thank the guys from Quiet Company for asking us to do this and for rocking our faces off!

Song in video: Quiet Company “On Modern Men”

When we stepped on stage to introduce ourselves and the first band, the audience seemed to think our usual “we’re kind of awkward and make fun of each other” schtick from our radio show was REAL. We definitely got a few of those “Shit, they’ve got stage-fright, I can’t watch!” looks. But then after a couple of lame jokes and a demand that the audience begin clapping and cheering (which they did), things began to take off. We were totally rock stars. Bono can suck it!

The show was fantastic! The two openers (Telegraph Canyon & The Morakestra) were great, and Quiet Company brought out the big guns, using The Parish’s rockin’ lighting rig to really compliment their indie sound.

The show was sponsored by our buddies at Do512 and Under Pressure.