The Meaning of “Twerk”

Today BC and Merch are here to inform you with the meaning of “twerk”.  You may have seen us use the term “twerk” on numerous occasions and ask yourself, “what does ‘twerk’ truly mean?”  We are here to assist you in extending your slang vocabulary.  Our usage goes back several years and we apply it to carrying out a task with vigor, enthusiasm, and crunkness.  It can be used while at work, out dancing, crumping, booty bouncing, attending a live-music performance, absorbing alcoholic beverages, promoting ones self ond talents, or partying.

“BC and Merch, I still don’t understand the word and its origins!”

Urban Dictionary: v. To work one’s body, as in dancing, especially the rear end. eg: She was twerking it on the dance floor.

Online Slang Dictionary: v. To dance in a sexual manner, usually involving shaking on the buttocks.

According to these definitions, ‘twerk’ is more frequently associated with the act of combining quick pelvic thrust motions and shaking buttocks to create a highly sexual dance move.  We believe the term can be highly appropriate in most any situation.

We interviewed the Queen of Twerking, Miss Big Freedia, while she had her twerk crew at Fun Fest. Check out the interview here.

Here are some examples of using the term “twerk” in the form of song, complimentary of Chingy, Angelo Remon, Cofe feat. Cbake (DJ Bankroe) and Usher.  Any questions?  Class adjourned.

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